Why Choose A Traditional Balinese House As A Home Design?

The Unique Traditional Balinese House

Balinese traditional house is closely related to the harmony of nature. That’s why the Balinese architecture of buildings using a lot of stone and wood carved in such a way that looks very clear characteristics of traditional Balinya. Harmony with nature is a meaning which means how man can balance his life with nature, with others, and also the Creator of the Universe.

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Where Can You Enjoy Watching “Barong” Dance?

“Barong” is  the most well known dance. It is also another story telling dance, narrating the fight between good and evil. This dance is the classic example of Balinese way of acting out mythology, resulting in myth and history being blended into one reality.

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Bali Art And Culture

Balinese customs

Balinese people who are generally hospitable, with a pattern of Bhineka or pluralism life and not too much rule or fanatical to a understand, have customs that they always hold firm in everyday life so that they can live with peace. Who knows for you who happened to first come to this Thousand Islands temple, whether it’s for holidays, office assignments, study or business, there is a need to know some things about the habits of the community, in addition to possible beautiful attractions along the way are also unique habits which are interesting.

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Drama Gong – The Theater Combine


Drama gong is a drama in which combines the modern theater (West) with traditional theater (Bali) created by the artist Bali named Anak Agung Gede Raka Payadnya of village Abianbase (Gianyar) on 1966. The drama gong itself was originally named drama classic because still strong dominance of traditional Balinese arts in drama gong. Name of drama gong began to be used by I Gusti Bagus Nyoman Panji to call this folk art in this art because he thinks there are two basic elements of the elements of drama and gamelan gong sound accompaniment Kebyar on every movement of players as well as the atmosphere of dramatic transition.

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Melasti Ceremony


Melasti Ceremony is a Hindu religious ceremony to purify Bhuana Alit (small world) and Bhuana Agung (the universe). This ceremony is performed with a parade procession followed by thousand of Hindu people by bringing all the equipment ceremonies and the symbol of gods to the sea or other water sources that are believed by Hindus as a place to purify all the elements of this universe.

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PANDAN WAR “Mekare-kare”

Mekare kare

Mekare kare or pandan leaves war is performend during the Village ngusaba ceremony every year in honor of Lord Indra ( the god of war ). Usually this ceremony held on month of June in the village of Tenganan near to Candidasa, east of Bali. The Tenganan village surround with hills, rice paddies and keep from the outside influence by a solid rock with just four entrances to the central village.


The history of the festival which is the most important festival for the gods and ancestor was coming from their megalithic period. To the people of Tenganan the presence of deities and ancestors is of great significant above all during the fifth month of Tenganan year, the Sasih Sambah where it is believe that the universe, the village and their religious community are renewed and given strength through the performance of extensive rites such as the pandan leaves war.
The mekare kare ceremony held at the front meeting hall in the village and usually held two days once a year. The time of the event usually around 2pm where every villagers with their custom clothing flocking to the meeting hall.
The thorny pandan leaves ties together and with a shiled made from rattan they performe a battle with each other. The ritual started by drinking palm wine and then the wine poured on a banana leaf cup. Each one get its own cup and then each one poured their wine to other banana cups where in the end disposed laterally into the ground.
After the ceremony open by elders than one by one the people of Tenganan ready face to face with pandan leaves in their right hand and a shield on their left hand. The fight will use the thorny pandan leaves to hit the opponents on their back, waist and sometimes on their neck and face. The fight did not last very long, around a minute and each one of the villagers will get their chances including kids. The whole fight last around three hours. The scar left by the fight then treated with traditional medicine usually made from saffron.
The event followed with a swinging rites which is reminiscent of old vedic swinging rites performed during the Mahabharata winter solstice celebration which entirely focus on Indra. The swinging is like a symbol of the unite between the sun and earth. From this event it is suggests that the Tenganan may be connected with an immigration from east or southeast India during Vedic times. The ceremony ended by praying together at local temple and performing a Rejang dance.

Mekotekan Tradition


Bali still keep the rich tradition and culture of our ancestors are still preserved until only one such raid now. Mekotek or often called Mekotekan Munggu Village, Mengwi District, Badung Regency which still remains to this day the feast is celebrated in this Mekotek raided Kuningan Day. Prosesi followed by 12 local people of Munggu village. Mekotekan raid is a ritual that uses wood usually means the most widely used of the pulet type and played together to celebrate the victory of Dharma ( goodness ) against adharma ( evil ).

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Bali Kite Festival – Indahnya langit di Bali, dihiasi berpuluh puluh Layangan.

Bali Kite Festival atau Festival layang layang tersebut merupakan suatu kegiatan masyarakat Bali yang diadakan rutin setiap tahunnya, terutama pada musim anging kencang sekitar bulan Juli hingga Agustus. Festival tersebut hanya bisa diselenggarakan pada musim angin kencang saja, dikarenakan komponen utama yang perlu dipertimbangkan untuk menggerakkan layang-layang seperti contoh kekencangan angin sebagai pendorong untuk naiknya layang-layang tersebut.4067f43ec6f96e2e78249ccd1150427e.jpg

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Sukses!! Perhelatan Sanur Village Festival yang ke XI

Sanur Village Festival 2016 yang berlangsung pada tgl 24-28 Agustus di Maisonette Area Inna Grand Bali Beach, kawasan Pantai Sanur, Bali merupakan perhelatan yang ke 11 kalinya bagi SVF. Kegiatan yang rutin dilakukan setiap tahunnya ini bertujuan untuk membantu mendatangkan banyak turis ke Tanah Air Kali ini , Festival tahun ini mengusung tema mengenai Tat Twam Asi, yang bermula dari pemakaian filosofi kandungan ajaran Hindu tentang ‘aku adalah engkau, engkau adalah aku’.

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